The West Bloomington Book Bike is a mobile, volunteer based, free book service offered to anyone who is interested, primarily based in Bloomington, Illinois.  The Book Bike can frequently be found at local community events, including the Farmer's Market in Downtown Bloomington, and the Book Bike frequently collaborates with the West Bloomington Revitalization Project.

The Book Bike service was started and is operated by Karen Schmidt, and focuses entirely on collecting and disbursing free books to anyone interested in reading.  

The Book Bike service is always looking for volunteers to assist in the various aspects of this community resource.  Whether you are interested in riding the Book Bikes or simply donating materials, the Book Bike is open to all who are interested.



Free books for all ages that have been donated by the community of Bloomington.  Simply find the Book Bike at a local event or contact Karen Schmidt for more information!



Karen Schmidt

Phone: 309-824-2257




Karen Schmidt riding one of the Book Bikes