ValleyRide (the Boise-local fixed line bus service)

ValleyRide provides local service in Boise, with universal routes (not described here) extending to Meridian and Canyon County.

Riding tips

  • Drivers are only allowed to stop at official stops, marked by sign poles with blue & white ValleyRide signs. 
  • You must pull the yellow cord to request the next stop. Drivers only verbally announces stops to let you know what's coming up, and only certain drivers even bother to do that, so it's up to you to keep track of when you should pull the cord.
  • Buses can carry several bicycles on a rack in the front. If you're not sure how to load/unload ask at the door. The driver will get out to help.
  • Let the driver know you need to unload a bicycle when exiting. Don't forget your bike!
  • Generally routes are on-time to 8 minutes behind schedule, although accidents and snow storms can cause 30 minute delays. If in doubt whether you've missed a route, or it's just behind schedule, call ValleyRide customer service at (208) 345-RIDE (7433)
  • When boarding the bus downtown you may find the driver is away on break. Wait for the driver to come onboard before attempting to purchase a ride, use a previously-unused 31-day pass, or show an employee/student ID, as these things require driver intervention.
  • The back row seat on the larger buses is the warmest in the winter, as the engine is behind it.
  • Passengers may open the windows.
  • Say thanks to the driver when exiting the bus. Be courteous to other passengers. It can pay off with a better riding experience.
  • Be a sightseer! You may notice something you hadn't. Or, fiddle with your smartphone all you like. You can't cause a crash here.
  • Don't stand too close to the curb. The bus often comes quite close to it, quite quickly.
  • ValleyRide recruits volunteers. They wear an orange armband, and are there to answer any questions you have.

How much?

ValleyRide local rides (one bus without getting off) are $1. Unlimited local is $2. These options can be purchased when boarding, with change returned as a stored-value card.

20% discount $10-$20 stored-value cards can be purchased at several locations.

31-day unlimited local passes are $36. Longer-term individual and employer-endorsed passes are available at a discount.

Prices for students (student ID required), seniors, persons with disabilities, and Medicare card holders are discounted.

More detail on fares, including fares supporting Canyon County routes, can be found at


ValleyRide's Boise routes generally run from 6AM to 7PM during weekdays, with limited options on Saturday. Routes typically make a circuit once per hour, per 30 minutes or per 20 minutes, with reductions in frequency during midday on certain routes.

Google Maps transit directions is the easiest way to get specific times. Schedules are also available at and in pamphlet form in a rack behind the driver's seat.


Starting/ending at Downtown unless otherwise noted, the routes are:

  • to Bogus Basin Rd via 13th, Harrison, 9th (Route 14)
  • to Glenwood via State (Routes 9, 9x)
  • to mall via North EndCollister, Glenwood, Maple Grove (Route 10)
  • to Hewlett-Packard, YMCA, Five Mile, and mall via Chinden (Routes 8, 8x)
  • to 50th via Chinden (Route 11)
  • to mall via 13th, Americana, and Emerald (Route 5)
  • to mall via Fairview (Route 7)
  • to airport via Vista (Route 3)
  • to Vista via Latah, Roosevelt and Owyhee (Route 4) 
  • to Curtis via Orchard and Targee (Route 6)
  • to Federal Way via BSU, Parkcenter, Apple, and Bergeson (Route 1)
  • from BSU to mall via Overland (Route 29)
  • loop through BSU (Route 19)
  • to Gekeler via Broadway (Route 2)
  • to Warm Springs (Routes 16, 17)

Routes and times can be found on Google Maps, at and in pamphlet form in a rack behind the driver's seat.