In November 2006 Idaho voters added language to the Constitution to define marriage as only between a man and a woman.

November 8, 2013 four same-sex couples sued Gov. Butch Otter for the right to become married in Idaho.

On May 13, 2014 the Honorable Candy Dale ruled in Latta vs Otter No. 1:13-cv-0482 that the ban in gay marriage was unconstitutional. 

On May 14, 2014 someone called every County Clerk to find out how they were going to handle the requests. Below is every county's response. 

Ada County Yes

Adams County As far as they know, yes

Bannock County Yes

Bear Lake County If the Secretary of State says so.

Benewah County Yes.

Bingham County Person answering was not sure, said to call tomorrow.

Blaine County Not available.

Boise County Probably yes.

Bonner County Statewide Clerks meeting tomorrow about how to proceed.

Bonneville County Yes (Dan Henry)

Boundary County No. (AP reports this has changed to Yes)

Butte County Not unless there is a directive from the state. She knows what the judge did.

Camas County Webinar tomorrow to decide how they are proceeding.

Canyon County Yes.

Caribou County Not sure, waiting for guidance. Thinks yes on Saturday.

Cassia County Doesn't know. Said the County Clerk would call me back.

Clark County Webinar, probably yes. Needs new forms. Will follow the law.

Clearwater County Yes.

Custer County Maybe. The clerk isn't there.

Elmore County Maybe. The clerk isn't there. Has made no plans.

Franklin County Waiting for directives from the governor's office.

Fremont County Yes.

Gem County Yes. But rumors of protests.

Gooding County Yes. Closed on Fridays.

Idaho County Yes.

Jefferson County Yes.

Jerome County Yes.

Kootenai County Yes, if the state says it's OK. They know about the ruling.

Latah County Yes.

Lemhi County Yes.

Lewis County Training tomorrow afternoon. Yes, as of Friday morning.

Lincoln County Friday is possible, but they don't know yet.

Madison County Yes.

Minidoka County Yes

Nez Perce County Yes.

Oneida County Yes.

Owyhee County They believe so, but are waiting for more information.

Payette County No. (AP reports this has changed to Yes)

Power County Yes.

Shoshone County Yes, if nothing changes, although there is a webinar tomorrow 

Teton County Yes.

Twin Falls County Yes.

Valley County Deputy doesn't know for sure. The clerk was out of the office.

Washington County Yes.