Dry-Cleaning in Boise: All locations Centered Around Boise State University

Clothesline Cleaners- staffed with professionals trained by the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute, this shop offers 24-hour drop-off and free pick-up/delivery. The services run the gamut of a standard shop: typical articles of clothing to household items (comforters and curtains, etc.). Clothesline is a member of the Idaho Dry Cleaners Assoc. and has been locally owed for 30 years. Located centrally at 244 S. Orchard Ave. on the Bench. Price list (and accompanying website are very easy to use)

Clothesline Cleaners Price List

Contact Info:

Email: info@clotheslinecleaners.com

Phone: (208)-342-0538

WestCo Martinizing- Certified master dry-cleaner that has been locally owned and operated for ten years. WestCo is a full service Laundromat with comparable services to competing dry-cleaners. Same day service is available Monday-Friday at no charge. 116 E. Myrtle (In WinCo Complex) Price list (and accompanying website are user-friendly)

WestCo Martinizing Price List

Contact Info:

Email: office@westcodc.com

Phone: (208)-385-7322

Courtney’s Comet Cleaners- Family Owned and operated since 1987, this cleaner is backed by a national chain in business for over 45 years. Courtney’s is very environmentally conscious using recycled hangers and environmentally friendly solvents. Courtney’s also employs a fully computerized facility using a barcode system to ensure the proper return of garments. Interesting note: a section of the website is dedicated to fully explaining the dry-cleaning process and its utility. Free pick-up/delivery.

Courtney's Comet Cleaners (Full Site; No online pricing available; website has locally produced feel/flair)

Contact Info:

Email: Contact Us

Phone: (208)-344-5775

Baird’s Dry Cleaners- Family Owned and Operated for 40 years, Baird’s offers brand name with local service and are competitive in their offerings. Backed by a national company in operation since 1916, Baird’s has the resources to be the biggest name in Boise. Interesting Note: Full history of the Cleaners and the Founder offered on the site. Located at 2202 Broadway Ave.

Baird's Dry Cleaners (Full site; No online pricing available)

Baird's destroyed my wife's leather jacket, valued at $300, then refused to reimburse us for the full amount. The whole ordeal took place over three months, with the company neglecting to initiate any sort of first-response. In a phone call, Shannon, the manager claimed she would only pay the minimum declared by the BBB, $60, rather than make it right with me. My wife has now lost her beautiful jacket to this company that will only do the bare minimum for their customers. We will NEVER go back to a Baird's and I highly recommend you do the same. If you've ever been screwed by a company, please share this with all of your friends and family. 

Contact Info:

Email: Contact Us

Phone: (208)-345-3020

Norge Dry Cleaners- This locally operated facility does not offer a formal website or multiple locations. What Norge does lack in comparison to its larger competitors it makes up in low prices and fantastic service. Norge offers the best bang for your buck in Boise. Can most often return a garment the same day if dropped off by 10am. Open at 5am, Norge Dry Cleaners offers local service and value within a full service Laundromat. Located at 515 N. 15th St. Contact Info:

Phone: (208)-336-1917

Resources: Full hyperlinks and website links can be found in attached document Baird's Dry Cleaners [""http://bairdsdrycleaners.com/""] Courtney's Comet Cleaners [""http://cometdrycleaners.com/""] Norge Dry Cleaners Google Places Page [""http://maps.google.com/maps/place?hl=en&safe=off&biw=1276&bih=629&gs_upl=132l3571l0l5115l12l11l0l1l1l1l408l3033l2-8.2.1l12l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=norge+dry+cleaners+boise&fb=1&gl=us&hq=norge+dry+cleaners&hnear=0x54aef172e947b49d:0x9a5b989b36679d9b,Boise,+ID&cid=8372855878209637103""] WestCo Dry Cleaners [""http://www.westcodc.com/""] Clothesline Cleaners [""http://clotheslinecleaners.com/""]

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