Describe Meat here. BOISE'S BEST PHILLY!!!

Perhaps the trailer appearance of Native Taters is what turns people off, or lends more to a negative image. I must admit that even when I lived next to it, I never went. However, last week, the second week of April 2011, will remain forever on my mind; I finally walked up the taller-than-me ordering window of Native Taters and ordered from a lady that I'm pretty sure is everyone's spare grandmother. We (myself and a friend) ordered the Grilled Turkey Ortega chili on sourdough, and the Philly. The grilled turkey had fresh roasted ortega chilis on it, perfectly melted cheese, and perfectly grilled sourdough. The Philly is something you need to experience on your me... The homemade potato soup that gets dressed up like a baked potato (sour cream and all) is one of many the homemeade sides and desserts to choose from. We both ate, with left-overs, for $10 flat. Trust the trailer.....

Across the street is Big Juds, also worth mentioning. As many saw on Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food", the giant, perfectly seasoned 1 pound burgers are close to perfection. They even have different kinds of cheese! CHEESE! They also make fresh Idaho Potato french fries each order; but that is for another wiki, another time.

The amount of delicious meat in Boise is almost ridiculous. Bar Gernika on the Basque Block, Chandlers (amazing steak, but save your pennies before you go), and ask anyone who has been downtown after 2am...the Gator Grill has the best hot dogs in Boise.

Go forth and be carnivorous!