Other than the obvious night life in Boise that comes to mind to anyone 21 and over—ok 19 and over—there are a plethora of things unseen to do that don't involve cab fare or tylenol! ~Reel Theatre on Overland—midnight movies—$2; that's awesome. Try it before you think it's lame. ~Swingsets at nighttime—but if you get in trouble for being the park after dark, you didn't hear it from me. ~This one is for the grown ups—being downtown on prom night and telling the kids to be safe, tell them they don't have to do it tonight; for the bitter ones, like myelf, the fun part is watching how much they like each other and yelling "it's not real!" as you drive by. Ahhhh, memories. ~Drive down Warm Springs Avenue; past the Stepford community, past the Shakespeare Festival, almost to the highway to get to Idaho City. There is a turn out on your right side over-looking the river. Turn on your favorite song, lay on the hood of your car, stop thinking, and watch the stars—you can actually see them out there. ***best done in the summertime*** ~Shakespeare Festival! ~Also over 21—La Cantina Sociale Italian Winery and Shop has wine tasting every night for super cheap. Guisseppe the owner has some of the best wine and conversation you'll have downtown. And if you speak Italian and need some company, La Cantina is your place to be!

**There will be more to come...and please, add your own! =)