Boise has several supermarkets and grocery stores catering to people of varying tastes and means. Here's an ever-growing list—feel free to add your favorite stores.


Albertsons Fred Meyer Winco

Fruits and Veggies (and more)

Capital City Public Market - Boise's largest farmers market High Country Produce

Other Specialty Food Stores

Boise is home to a number of small stores catering to ethnic-specific cuisine.

Thana's Little World Market - Asian, Middle Eastern, and African products Diana Oriental Market - Korean Asia Market - Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean Orient Market - Asian Kabul Market - Afghan, Indian, Middle Eastern Basque Market - Basque Little Russia International Foods - Polish, Latvian, Russian, German, and Ukrainian Tres Bonne Cuisine - Eastern European El Torito Market - Mexican El Compa - Mexican Campos Market - Mexican

Big Box Stores that Also Sell Food

Fred Meyer Target Wal-Mart