If you're looking for a night full of fun and history, this is your place! Cheesy, I know. Just about everybody knows the history of the more popular bars such as the Bistro and China Blue since they were on a more prominent part of Union Block. If you do not, ask a friend, or post it here and somebody will tell you someday. However....I would be thrilled beyond belief if anyone else knew the history of the Cactus besides me just because I think looking at old city directories are fun. So...here's where you'll be drinking: 1938: Keller's Coffee Roasting Co. 1955: Warehouse (Heller's, I believe) 1956-1969: Idaho Advertising Commission, AND The Idaho Potato and Onion Commssion 1970: Idaho State Library 1971-1972: Vacant 1973: The Cactus Bar is born!

Still standing at 517 W. Main Street, the only thing that has seemed to change is the added door outside that leads to the alley and doesn't have a doorknob... I'm pretty sure the drink prices are the 1973 prices as well.

So! Next time you go, remember all the places that used to be there! Maybe the nonfiction section of the library was where the ladies restroom is now...who knows...

***Have a history to share? Don't be shy! More people want to know than you think!***