What do you know about Ethnic Foods?  Where can people buy foods from their home countries?


Heng Long Asia supermarkt

Aachener Strasse 201-209, 50931 Köln, Tel.: (0221) 282 8800

Far to drive, but incredible choice. Cash only.

Mini Asia

Münster Str. 11 53111 Bonn
Tel.: (0228) 433 7791

Verma’s Grocery Store

Im Meisengarten 136, 53179 Bonn-Mehlem, Tel.: (0228) 346 827
Asian, tropical, international products 


Many Japanese goods can be found in “Asian” stores, but if you are looking for something particular don’t forget there is a very large Japanese community living in Düsseldorf where you have a whole street offering Japanese goods, including large size grocery stores. 


Asia Center

Bonner Talweg 20 Bonn, Tel.: (0228) 219 345


Ellerstraße 13, 53119 Bonn, T el.: (0228) 721 57 42

Mandu Asian Food

Franziskanerstr. 5 53113 Bonn
T el.: (0228) 555 23 953 



Immenburgstra 20, Tel.: (0228) 668 9911
Behind Knauber, seafood and other groceries

GAZI – Turkish Shop

Südstr. 124, 53175 Bonn, Tel.: (0228) 433 1536

Is a very large supermarket behind OBI 


Wilhelm Str 27, Bonn centre, Tel.: (0228) 692 118


Hola Mexico

Available online or to drop in and pick up.


The English Shop in Bonn has many treats like Pop Tarts and cheddar cheese.  There are some items for baking, magazines, frozen goods and household items, but be prepared to pay a premium!

Food From Home van has a schedule that stops by various spots around Bonn.  The van carries mainly junk food, but you can find a bigger selection on their web site, order it and pick it up from the van.

Baking items can be bought at several places around town.


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