Indoor Playparks


Indoor play park in northwest Bonn.
Otto-Hahn-Straße 96, 53117 Bonn-Buschdorf


2 large, clean, well equipped indoor play parks
The ‘Safari’ one is located next to the Ikea near Cologne
Otto–Hahn–Straße 6–8, 50997 Köln
The original:
Gladiolenweg 100, 53859 Niederkassel

Outdoor Playparks


Deer, goats and sheep can be fed from the hand. Has a walk through the woods and a playground. Located off the B9 in Rolandseck about15 minutes S.
Am Kasselbach 4, 53424 Remagen-Rolandseck


A farm playpark. There is still a goat diary in operation, but the biggest draw for kids are the bouncy castles, trampolines and go karts. In warm weather there is a water slide and in the fall there is a maize labyrinth. There is a restaurant and farmer’s market as well. They host kids parties as well with pumpkin carving, marshmallow roasting, porcelain painting and other possibilities.
About 25 minutes northeast from Bonn (off the A3 behind the airport).
Krewelshof 1, 53797 Lohmar


Big slides, maize labrynth and indoor climbing. About an hour from Bonn towards Aachen.
Burg-Bubenheim 52388 Nörvenich

Brückenkopf-Park Jülich

Has a Napoleonic fort, animals and multiple play areas including sculpture gardens and sensory gardens – can spend several hours there. Located about an hour north towards Aachen.

Ketteler Hof

Organized by climbing, sliding, driving, swinging, hopping, splashing. It is about 1 hour ½ away. Next to a big lake with sailing and other activities and hotels/vacation apartments for families. Several campgrounds there as well.
Rekener Straße 234, 45721 Haltern am See

Biohof Bursch

Some farm animals and a cozy out door cafe to enjoy home made cake you'll find at Biohof Bursch 


Disney World type theme park. Small and compact but high quality rides. There are also rides and activities for small children.
30 minutes north.


A summer toboggan run .
30 min. east, near Altenahr.

Panorama Park

Theme park with animals and rides.
1 hour 40 minutes hours NE

Movie World

Movie theme park 1 hour 20 minutes N (just past Dusseldorf).

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