The City of Bonn has a web site available in English, French and Spanish. It includes a calendar of events, city services, information about schools, getting married, etc. They also have a special section for expatriates living in Bonn with information about health services, religious services, excursions, housing, etc.

For those new to Germany, we also recommend these sites designed to explain life in Germany to Expats. These sites are especially helpful in explaining cultural differences and it is highly recommended you look at them to prepare yourself for daily life in Germany.
HowToGermany (extremely detailed pages on just about every topic. They used to also print a booklet that you may be able to find)
AngloInfo Germany (has a section with a directory of services in NordRheinWestphalia)
The German Way (has an especially helpful section for Americans comparing things like driving and table manners between US and Germany)

The German Customs Office has a site in English to explain procedures for importing your personal effects.

Finally, make sure you know the local holidays before you attempt a shopping trip or other adventure.

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