Cologne Zoo

Good all around zoo. Has all the animals and easy to see. Also an aquarium area.
Only a 20 minute drive.

Duisburg Zoo

The main attraction of this zoo is the Dolphinarium with Dolphin shows. The shows are in German only, but you don’t need to understand to watch the dolphins jumping and doing tricks. The entrance to the dolphinarium is an extra price available at the entrance.
1 hour north of Bonn

Neuweid Zoo

Showcases more native animals (but also has tigers and monkeys). It is a small, low-key zoo.
Just under 1 hour south off of the Rhine.
25 Erfahrungsberichte
Waldstraße 160
56566 Neuwied
02622 9046-0

Wuppertal Zoo

Highlights include the polar bears and penguins. About an hour northeast.