--Appalachian State Food Services of Appalachian State University in Boone, NC is serving produce grown right here in the high country. High Country farmers, local organizations, and Food Services are collaborating to provide fresh, local food to the campus community. Support this movement by visiting the dining halls and choosing from the local food options. With the support of diners, the amount of local food served in our dining facilities will continue to grow. Keep High Country Grown food at Appalachian by feeding your Local Appetite. 

Connection to High Country Local First

Local Appetite is a project of High Country Local First (HCLF) which is a non-profit organization based in Boone, NC that promotes local independent businesses and farmers through consumer education, marking and networking initiatives. HCLF works alongside local businesses, service providers and farms to strengthen the “buy local” movement in High Country, improve the economic base of the community, and keep wealth locally owned to support schools, civil services, and community improvements.

Local Appetite Video

35 seconds: https://vimeo.com/73332856

Basic Info

Page Link http://www.highcountrylocalfirst.org/our-projects/local-appetite
HCLF Website http://www.highcountrylocalfirst.org/
HCLF Primary Contact

164 South Depot St.

Boone, NC 28607

-Phone: 828-773-3052


Appalachian State Food Services Contact

Appalachian Food Services
170 Stadium Drive
Boone, NC, 28608 USA
-Phone: 828-262-3061

-Local Appetite Link: http://foodservices.appstate.edu/sustainability/local-food/local-appetite