What is it?

It's the printed profiles of thirteen farmers in the High Country Region, including their personal advice, is available for free to Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture (BRWIA) members or for a small fee. It is part of the BRWIA Resource Handbook, a resource website that's part of a BRWIA project to connect farmers and gardeners in the Blue Ridge to resources and mentors that can jump start their connection to our food system

Connection to Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture

The Blue Ridge Farm Book is part of Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture, an non-profit organization located in Boone, N.C., that is dedicated to strengthening the High Country's local food system by supporting women and their families with resources, education, and skills related to sustainable food and agriculture.

Access to the Blue Ridge Farm Book


Basic Info

BRWIA Resource Handbook site http://handbook.brwia.org/
Lou Murrey Photography Contact http://www.loumurreyphotography.com/contact.html
BRWIA Contact

Email: info@brwia.org

Phone:  828.386.1537

BRWIA Website http://www.brwia.org/