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Canalside (Buffalo Waterfront)

Canalside is an area located just outside of the KeyBank Center, partially on the grounds of what was formerly the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, and along the Buffalo River. The area has been evolving since 2010 to include more family- and community-friendly spaces, including boat launch and rental facilities, picnic areas, and various attractions to encourage community engagement. The site was also chosen since, at the time of planning, Buffalo had seen very few public works projects.

Across a small inlet and over the "Commercial Slip" bridge lies the Buffalo Naval Park[1], home to various military memorabilia, monuments, as well as the USS Little Rock and USS The Sullivans - two WWII-era battleships. Both of the ships have been converted into museum ships that are fully tourable.

Some attractions that have developed at Canalside over the years include:

  • An ice skating and curling rink which is converted into a paddleboat rink during the summer
  • The "Shark Girl" sculpture
  • Concerts hosted during the summer
  • Food truck days throughout the summer
  • Vintage 1924 Buffalo Heritage Carousel
  • Explore & More - The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Children's Museum 

More places to visit around Canalside:

  • KeyBank Center
  • Buffalo City Hall
  • Buffalo History River Tours
  • Albright-Knox Art Gallery 
  • Erie Basin Marina 


  • Ice Skating 
  • Kayaking
  • Boat tours 
  • Outdoor concerts 

In addition to the growing commercial presence in the area, the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) build a metro rail station just at the edge of Canalside.

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