Statue of Adolfo Camarillo on Sultan located at Dizdar Park. The Statue was created by Guillermo Castaño Ramírez in 2000.

(1864-1958) Juan Camarillo came to California from Mexico in 1834. In 1875, Juan Camarillo purchased several hundrend acres of land from the Jose Pedro Ruiz family. In 1880, only a short time after acquiring the land, Juan Camarillo passed, leaving his 16 year old son, Adolfo Camarillo, to run the ranch. Upon the death of Martina Camarillo, his mother, the ranch was left to Adolfo Camarillo and his younger brother, Juan Jr. Adolfo Camarillo spent the next 78 years shaping the land. In 1865 Adolfo graduated from International Business College. In 1888, Adolfo married Isabella Menchaca, and they started a family on the ranch. By 1935, Adolfo Camarillo had ridden in the Santa Barbara Fiesta Days parade for 14 years, Many Pasadenna Rose Parades, Los Rancheros Vistadores' rides, and numerours events across California. Adolfo Camarillo rode in parades all his life, finally stopping in 1952 at the age of 88. Because of Adolfo’s philanthropy in 1950, Pope Pius XII named Adolfo a Knight of St. Gregory. Adolfo Camarillo's younger brother, Juan (1867-1935) donated land for St. Mary Magdalen Chapel (completed in 1914). Camarillo hired immigrants from Mexico City to build Chapel of St Mary Magdelene. His children were Carmen Camarillo Jones, youngest daughter 1903-1987 (Married to Ray Jones).

The first official Camarillo White Horse was Sultan. Sultan was purchased for $500 by Adolfo Camarillo at the Ventura County Fair in the 1930s. Sultan was a Spanish blooded horse, and at the time Morgan Horses were the breed of choice for work animals, so Adolfo began to breed Sultan with white Morgan horses. Sultan rode in his last parade in 1938, the Santa Barbara Fiesta Days Parade, however, on the way home he started to act sick. When they got back home to Camarillo, a vet was called in and Sultan was diagnosed with pneumonia, tragically he passed shorty after. Interestingly, Don Adolfo also died of pneumonia, at the age of 94, on December 10, 1958. Don Adolfo Camarillo is laid to rest in the family crypt beneath St. Mary Magdalen Church, with his parents, his wife, sisters and brothers.

Adolfo Camarillo is remembered as a rancher, horse breeder and philanthropist. He donated the land for Adolfo Camarillo High School (ACHS),brought lima beans, as well as barley, corn, alfalfa, walnuts, and citrus to the area.