As a new wiki, our major goals are to get more information and more users/editors. To that end, we need to advertise. Who is this "we"? Well, that would be you. Print out some ads and share them with others! Posting (with permission) on bulletin boards around town and handing them out to friends and family are good places to start.

Business Cards



Electronic Advertising

  • Camarillo Wiki has a "Facebook Group", which helps gauge how many people know about the site.
  • "Facebook" users with the Pieces of Flair application can now add the Camarillo Wiki flair to their profile.
  • As of May 22, 2009, we have a "MySpace" page under the name Camarillo Wiki.

In addition to advertising other activities to encourage wiki use and contributions are considered Outreach


2008-12-14 09:09:59   Awesome business cards! We've been trying to come up with a card design over at Chico Wiki, and this design has been quite inspiring. Good luck with the outreach, and feel free to borrow/adapt any of our fliers that might suit your needs. —StaceyEllis