Mission Satement

To preserve, restore, and maintain the Camarillo Ranch as an historic site in partnership with our public and private sectors, on a self-sustaining basis; to foster its place in the rich history of California; to transform it into a focal point of the community for education, enrichment, and enjoyment; and to exhibit our diverse history and culture.

201 Camarillo Ranch Road Camarillo, CA. 93012
Originally a 10,000 acre Spanish land grant made to Gabriel Ruiz in 1866 it was purchased by Juan Camarillo in 1875
• Historic Camarillo House
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Camarillo Ranch Events

The Camarillo Ranch, now located in a business park, used to be the family home of Adolfo Camarillo, founder of our city. The large white house is now an iconic part of town history, as are the Camarillo White Horses that were bred here. Visitor information can be found at the Official Camarillo Ranch Website.