Sleepy little Camarillo has been the subject of a surprising number of songs by popular artists.

  • 1980 The Monkees realeased "Another Pleasant Valley Sunday" written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin presumably about Camarillo.
  • The song Hotel California, by The Eagles, is rumored to be about a friend's stay in the mental hospital.
  • Charlie Parker's Relaxin' at Camarillo, was written while he was recovering from his heroin addiction at the Camarillo State Mental Hospital.
  • The punk group Fear wrote a song called Camarillo about the State Hospital.
  • The song Ready for Camarillo was released by the band Ambrosia.
  • The band Brazzaville released a video called Camarillo in 2007.
  • Frank Zappa recorded the song Camarillo Brillo about a stay in the institution. In the song he mispronounced the city's name.