Gate House for Gate 2

Camarillo Springs is a compact neighborhood off of Camarillo Springs Road on the east side of Camarillo snuggled up to the Santa Monica Mountains and the Conejo Grade. The Springs was built in several phases, each of which having a different type of dwelling and a separate Home Owners' Association. Each association has a meeting room, workout room, hot tub and swimming pool. Some associations have other community facilities as well. Each hosts a range of social events, with monthly home owners' meetings at the bare minimum to pool parties and barbeques for those more involved. Homes range from single family units with small yards to condos, townhouses, duplexes, mobile homes, and apartments.

While this area is fairly out of the way and at least a couple of miles from most services, the area has a small strip mall with a convenience store, salon, dry cleaner, and restaurant. There is also an Indoor Soccer Field, which is really outdoors.

The neighborhood surrounds the east end of the public Camarillo Springs Golf Course.