2344 Ventura Blvd right in the heart of old town Camarillo

6 am - 2 pm Tues - Sun

(805) 987-2167
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A real slice of middle America dropped right into old town Camarillo.
Dorothy's Chuck Wagon Cafe is delightful place for breakfast or lunch, with good coffee and food the way Grandma used to make back home.  
The decor is unique and filled with signs and car tags from yesteryear.   Our sever was very attentive and had a great handle on taking care of guests.  
You have a choice of sitting outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather or at their nastalgic counter of quaint booths.  
It is a very popular regular place for locals and a hidden treasure for visitors.  Being from the midwest we found it to be a most delightful surprise in the Ventura area.
I had a most unique meatloaf and swiss cheese omelet.  OMG, was it off the charts GOOD with the American potatoes with a hint of bacon taste and onions.  It was accompanied by a 7 grain pancake for a slight up-charge rather than toast. 
A friendly inviting place that brings me back to home with local and friendly environment, courteous staff and great food.  
Check it out, you will not be disappointed.