Highway 101 (also known as "The 101") is a major freeway connecting Los Angeles with Washington state and all coastal points in between. In general, this highway runs North-South parallel to the coast, but in Camarillo it goes East-West. So to go east, you get on going southbound and to go west, you'll need the northbound lanes. To make matters more confusing, Northbound and Southbound on ramps in town are marked with NB and SB for short. Why is this confusing? Because "SB" is a fairly common moniker for Santa Barbara, which is north, not south, of Camarillo.

Confused? Don't worry. Many long-time Camarillians still get it wrong every now and then.

Important roads that cross the 101 include, Lewis Road (also known as the 34) and Los Posas Road. Landmarks along this road include the Conejo Grade at the very east side of town.

The 101 is a fairly good dividing line for the town. Generally, north of the freeway tends to be more developed. If you head south, in about a mile or less, you'll see much more local agriculture and fewer houses. It's is also the major transportation route for automobile's, trucking and intercity bus travel.

The 101 is also known as the Ventura Freeway, or less commonly as El Camino Real.

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