Why should I use my RealName?

Using your RealName is important to the Camarillo Wiki community. First, and foremost, it helps with instant credibility. However, using your real name alone doesn't give one credibility, you must then make valuable contributions rather than just talk trash.

Fundamentally, the question is one of community. Would you introduce yourself to your next door neighbor with a fake name? Probably not... and the people on the wiki are your neighbors.

However, you may want to consider that this is an online community, and not quite the same. The better solution to this problem is to never post anything you wouldn't want associated with your name. Be warned any of your comments (be they positive or negative) may be remembered by local businesses and restaurants, and anyone around the world with internet access (note: not a 'next door neighbor') can read or find out about them. Putting material on the wiki should be considered an act of publishing, in a sense.

Many people have created fake or dubious PseudoNyms just to troll or trash talk a single restaurant, business, or individual. This type of cowardly behavior is not constructive and is unfair to the recipient of the complaint. Wiki edits should be fair enough that you'd be willing to say them to someone face to face. That's true whether or not you use your RealName, but it's certainly easier to be unfair when you hide behind a pseudonym.

What if I want to use my RealName but don't want to get picked up by google?

An alternative is to use a slight modification of your RealName (e.g., RName, RealN, RaelName, etc.) and indicating so on your user page. That way, you establish instant credibility, and can always remove the link to your RealName after you've confirmed your credibility through your awesome edits. This option is good for people looking to evade google once they leave Camarillo. The point is accountability: establishing a reputation on the wiki. Of course, you might wind up making friends who wind up only knowing you by the name you use, so be aware it may well become your new nickname in some circles.

Please remember to use your RealName and not your Real Name, which is trademarked by Amazon.com.

When is it ok to use a complete Pseudonym?

It is ok to use a pseudonym if you are known widely by that name. JabberWokky, one of the Davis Wiki's most prolific and respected contributors, sometimes goes by JabberWokky in real life and also makes his RealName available to anyone who is curious.

Other users who choose to use a pseudonym to remain anonymous manage to establish their credibility through making a history of providing many valuable contributions to the wiki. (For example, by creating and editing pages on a Camarillo related subject that the site is currently lacking.) However, using a pseudonym only grants one a certain degree of privacy, because the IP Addresses of all editors are logged and public.

Changing to your name

If you registered with a pseudonym you can take the following steps to change over to a new account name:

  1. Make any last edits with the pseudonym

  1. Lock the pseudonym account using the Disable this account forever option at the bottom of settings

  2. Create a new account