Mountain Lions (Puma concolor) are the largest wild cat in North America and are found widely in most habitats where deer inhabit(primary food source). In the Camarillo area wild Mountain Lions inhabit most of the neighboring wildlands including the Santa Monica Mountains and have been sighted in many neighborhoods on the edge of town along with other flora and fauna. They are known to eat domestic pets on occasion and human attacks can occur, although rare. While neither humans nor pets are their preferred food it's best to take necessary precautions when living on the outskirts and not leave pets or small children unattended in the yard.

If encountered it is suggested that you act big(raise your arms) and yell loudly at the lion. Do not run and if attacked fight back. For more information about how to live peacefully with Mountain Lions see the California Dept of Fish and Game's information page.

Locally the National Park Service tracks some radio collared lions in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and several underpasses have been constructed to connect fragments of habitat across the 101, the 118 and other local freeways.

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