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1505 Flynn Road - (805)383-3355
95 Daily Drive - (805)389-3283
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Fast food
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Cash, Credit Cards, Debit
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Taco Bell is a chain of fast food Mexican restaurants with two locations in Camarillo. In the 1980s, it used to have a location on Arneill Road in the sandy-colored block building with arches that now houses Great Central Steak & Hoagie Co. It likely moved from this location in favor of newer buildings with more indoor seating.

The Taco Bell at 1505 Flynn Road was home of an unfortunate incident on Aug. 31, 2015. The parking lot of this Taco Bell is where Daniel Morales, 16 (Weight 240)  at the time, was unfortunately killed as a result of instigating an altercation with Tyler Ostertag Age 20 ( Weight 185) Hunter Leyva ( who later testified in trial to these facts ) stated that himself and another friend were inside Taco bell with two females when they saw Ostertag and his friends out in the parking lot. Daniel Morales called Joseph Hunt and  stated that Ostertag was "mean mugging" him. Which was disputed by multiple other witnesses stating that Ostertag NEVER went inside Taco Bell. Despite these facts the District Attorney Blake Heller insisted Ostertag was mean mugging with zero evidence except testimony from shaky witnesses ). A witness stated to police Ostertag was unaware of the identity of the three people when called over to the car. Only after a verbal altercation did Ostertag learn this was the same man who had been threatening him over the phone. This led to a fist fight.  A police officer testified in trial Tha Hunter Leyva admitted to him to hitting Ostertag in the head with a "crow bar thing" which led Ostertag to flee and retrieve a knife. Ostertag returned to defend himself when Morales approached with a collapsible police baton. This baton was seen by many and confirmed as fact by an independent eye witness named Alonzo who watched Morales extend the police baton from collapsed form . The District Attorney denies the existence of this evidence because the baton was disposed of en route to the hospital. Joseph Hunt was later found with 2 police batons within 3 months of the arrest of Tyler Ostertag. The video shows Ostertag and Morales striking each other at the same time . From there it is Ostertag backing up the majority of the time saying Back up while Morales strikes him and throws obscenities. Morales struck Ostertag 3 or more times . Ostertag struck Morales once . Morales Died and Ostertag is currently serving a 70 year to life sentence In California State Prison. He was sentenced under the Three Strikes Law due to the use of Juvenile Strikes, which were from when he was 16 years old. 

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