The main mode of transportation in Camarillo is decidedly the personal automobile, but other options abound even if they are underutilized. To make your way across town, consider taking the Vista Bus, Dial-a-Ride, Gold Coast Transit, or riding a bicycle. Several taxi services also serve the area. To get out of town, take the Train. Amtrak and MetroLink both stop at the Train Station in Old Town. Camarillo also has an Airport for smaller airplanes.

Camarillians choosing to use cars on a regular basis need many services. Mechanic Shops and Gas Stations are among the most common. If your car can't be repaired, you'll probably consider visiting one of several Car Dealers in town which range in the price, age, and quality of the cars they sell.

Like car-drivers, bicyclists also need services in the form of Bike Shops which often both sell and repair bikes. Biking in Camarillo has recently become easier as several large streets now have dedicated bike lanes. Helmets are required for riders under 18 and definitely recommended for everyone since many car-drivers are unfamiliar with bicycles on or near the road and may not understand how to drive near a much smaller vehicle.

The Ventura County Transportation Commission website contains useful information about many modes of transportation in Ventura County and to get out of Ventura County








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