Camarillo has many urban legends, some of which can be verified and others which cannot. This is the space to chronicle what we have heard and what we know about these. As people add information about these stories, they can be moved into the other sections, as appropriate. You may also be interested in reading about the Camarillo State Mental Hospital or about songs written about Camarillo.


  • The Eagle's "Hotel California" was written about Camarillo State Mental Hospital.
  • Camarillo State Mental Hospital is haunted by the ghost of a crazed butcher employed on site who made sausages out of inmates.
  • A man, tired of gophers or ground squirrels digging up his back yard, poured gasoline down the rodents' network of holes, lit it on fire, and blew up the hillside in Camarillo Heights. The resulting fire spread up the hill and had to be put out by the fire department.

Truth "Legends"

Debunked Legends