Sign Outside the Parking Lot

600 Aviation Drive
Monday 10 am -7 pm
Tuesday - Friday 3 pm - 7 pm
Saturday 9 am - 4 pm
(805) 388-4341
Payment Method
Cash, Check, credit/debit
Please check and consider adopting and animal from the shelter before purchasing from a store or breeder.

Pens for Dogs with the Main Office in the Distance

The Ventura County Animal Regulations was built in 1985 and can house up to 400 animals including dogs, cats, birds, livestock, exotic animals and other fauna. Adoptions are held on a first come first served basis, if there is more than one person there for the same animal there will be a drawing. Unfortunately many animals are destroyed each year for no reason other than there is no one to give them a home.

Adoption fees are $125, which includes preliminary vaccines, license, microchip, and spay or neutering. The adoption fees are quite a good deal. All the goods and services included in the adoption fee total to substantially more if you have to get them on your own.

People visiting the shelter for the first time should talk to a staff member to become familiar with the process of finding and adopting an animal. The staff is generally friendly and helpful, but if you go at a super busy time, don't be surprised if they seem a little stressed. Calling ahead to find out what the less busy times are is also a good idea so you can have plenty of time and calm to find your new furry family member.

Other reasons to visit the shelter:

  • retrieve an animal picked up by or brought into the shelter lost
  • file lost animal reports so they can be returned to you if they come to the shelter
  • animal licensing
  • give donations of supplies (contact the shelter before collecting or donating items to see what they need)


2009-06-03 09:06:26   They've got some great animals here. My immediate family has adopted several cats and and uncle has adopted a couple of dogs, all of them excellent animals. The staff was very helpful and understanding when we lost one of our cats and happily let me look at the room where they keep the trapped cats every week for months to see if ours had gotten trapped. Sadly we never found him, but when we were ready, we found a lovely kitten that needed a home. —MicheleTobias