The 275 bike path is a 44 mile bike trail that runs along I-275 from Northville to Frenchtown Township. It provides a recreational and commuter trail in an area that isn't always bike friendly.

The Bike Path at Cherry Hill Rd prior to the path being rebuilt.

MDOT recently spent $4 million in federal stimulus money to rebuild portions of the trail. [1]

2010 Open House

MDOT and project team staff will host an open house to provide an overview of the project scope and boundaries of this approximately 7-mile section of the I-275 Metro Trail. This section is planned for reconstruction beginning this spring. There will be an opportunity to provide written feedback and input on various elements of the project including trail signs and bridge aesthetics.

The open house will be held March 30th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Plymouth Township Hall at 9955 N. Haggerty Road, Plymouth, MI.

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Access Points

In Canton the bike trail has access points on the east side of I-275 at:

In Plymouth there are access points on Ann Arbor Rd east of I-275 and along Hines Dr, which the trail uses for a bit.


From this map of the trail

Future Construction

According to the I275bikepath group [2], MDOT is planning the following construction in 2010:

Spring 2010

As of 22 April 2010, the trail is closed between Hines Dr and Michigan Ave.

Later in 2010

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