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The 35th District Court serves the townships of Canton, Northville Township, and Plymouth Township, and the cities of Northville and Plymouth. The court handles all civil infractions, misdemeanors, small claims, landlord-tenant, and general civil matters within these communities and serves as the court of initial jurisdiction in felony matters.

This court covers an area over 73 square miles. While most of the area served by the court is in Wayne County, a small section of the City of Northville is located in Oakland County. The court works closely with police and prosecutors' offices from both counties.


Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

The court is generally closed on holidays.


District Judge James A. Plakas

Chief District Judge Ronald W. Lowe

Chief Judge Pro Tem Mike Gerou


Magistrate Eric Colthurst

Departments and Divisions

Probation Department: Probation Staff consists of five full-time officers including the Department’s Chief Probation Officer, the Juvenile Probation Officer and three volunteer officers. These volunteer officers visit the court every month during the morning hours.

Civil Division: Includes landlord/tenant and small claims disputes.

Criminal Division: Includes civil infractions and misdemeanors.

Traffic Division: Traffic matters are the largest portion of the court's business.


The court seeks volunteers to assist in performing day to day operational tasks such as transporting files and directing individuals to the appropriate locations throughout the court. Minimum two hour shifts are requested, and applicants must pass a background check, physical and drug test. To apply, submit a resume and letter of interest to Debra Kubitskey, Court Administrator.

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