Canton is a great place to be a beer nerd. Not just a beer drinker, but someone who is passionate about the stuff. Someone who wants beer to taste like beer, instead of fizzy water.

Beer Stores

Super Fine Wine and Liquor opened up in summer of 2009 on Haggerty Rd just south of Ford Rd. It has an amazing selection of beers, the likes of which you won't find anywhere else in the area. You can also buy many of their beers by the bottle, in case you want to treat yourself to a sampler (AKA a mixer sixer).

Holiday Market of Canton on Lilley Rd and Cherry Hill Rd is another great place for beer. Their beer aisle is constantly rotating, so you know that what's on display is fresh. They also have bottle machines to accept returns for all the obscure brands they sell. Deposits are reimbursed by the distributor so don't feel too bad if you didn't buy the beers at the store.

Discount Beverage across Lilley Rd from Mettetal Airport is has a good selection of beers too, with a walk-in cooler and quite a few 22 oz. bombers. They carry a pretty good selection of Michigan brews and are good at making suggestions.

Avoid Mirage Liquor at the split of Sheldon Rd and Sheldon Center Rd. They want $14.99 for a six pack of Bell's Amber, something you can get at Kroger for $8.99.

Beer Bars

Please edit this page to add good beer bars that are actually within Canton.

If you drive east to Westland or west to Ann Arbor you can go to Ashley's. The one in Westland has a really good tap selection and the Ann Arbor one is downright ridiculous.

Uptown Grille in Commerce Township has a good sized tap selection, but it's also very well curated. You will not find American macro lagers on tap, just the good stuff. And they somehow manage to keep the prices pretty good. The first time you go, definitely get a sampler, it's hard to pick just one beer to start with.


The Old Village in Plymouth is home to the nearest brewery, Liberty Street Brewing Company. They offer a number of beers on tap, as well as hard cider and their own root beer. They have a limited menu, but don't mind if you order food to be delivered there.

You can also head to CJ's Brewing Company, either their tap room in the Compuware Sports Arena or their brewery in Commerce Township.

If you head west, it should only take about 15-20 minutes to get to Corner Brewery in Ypsi, or a number of brewpubs in Ann Arbor.


There aren't any stores that sell homebrewing supplies in Canton. However, you can take Plymouth Rd in Livonia to the Wine Barrel Plus liquor store to pick up supplies. Wine Castle in Livonia also sells some equipment and ingredients.

See Also

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