Phone: (734) 646-2237
Hours: Every Wednesday, 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Many of our members are professional speakers and are willing to speak on a variety of subjects at other clubs, organizations and businesses. Free or small fee.


8533 N. Lilley Road, Canton MI


A Toastmasters club provides an inexpensive method of developing excellent communication skills confidence and leadership training. All this and more is accomplished in a safe environment allowing each individual to grow at his or her own pace.

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Connect to Canton Communicators Toastmaster Club  we are now located in the heart of Canton, Michigan 1/2 block north of Cherry Hill Rd at the corner of Ridge Ed.  Join us most Wednesday evening.  Sit back and watch & learn!  We encourage you to visit and learn about Toastmasters before joining.

See you soon!

Questions?  Call Bonnie @ 734-646-2237