41640 Ford Rd, Canton MI 48187

(734) 456-2840

IKEA is a Sweden-based department store specializing in affordable furniture and home goods. The Canton IKEA store opened in June of 2006 and is located at the corner of Ford Rd and Haggerty Rd. The opening was a pretty big deal; before then the nearest IKEAs were in Chicago, IL and Toronto, ON.

For those who've never been to an IKEA, the store is laid out with a path through the various show rooms to see all the furniture. Small furnishings are shelved, but larger furniture requires you to write down what you want and pick it up from the store room at the end of the path. Get used to seeing the people you entered the store with, you'll be seeing them over and over for the next 45 minutes. There is a restaurant on the second floor, the signature dish is their Swedish Meatballs.

Most of the furniture sold is flat-pack, which means you need to assemble it yourself. It's also recommended that you have transportation available, as their delivery services are on the expensive side.

December 2009 flood

A failed fire suppression sprinkler dumped thousands of gallons of water into the store's main showroom in December 2009, forcing the store to close for several days during the 2009 Christmas shopping season.


IKEA has recycling bins available for cardboard, light bulbs, plastic bags, paper, plastic bottles, and batteries. The recycling bins are located near the exit vestibule by the Bistro.

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