Jungle Java Express (JJE) is a cafe located inside the Canton Public Library. It is an offshoot of the Jungle Java franchise. JJE offers a selection of coffee (featuring Portland Roasting Coffee) and other hot drinks, smoothies, and sodas, as well as a limited menu of freshly made sandwiches and an assortment of pre-packaged snacks.

Food and drink are permitted in the library itself as well as in the cafe.

JJE opens when the library does and closes one hour prior to the library's closing time: Monday-Thursday 9-8; Friday-Saturday 9-5; Sunday 12-5

JJE has limited seating for approximately 20 people at full capacity. Unlike other Jungle Java locations, JJE has no jungle (play space) and does not charge an admission fee. The library's free wifi is also available in JJE.

Phone 734-397-6960 Fax 734-397-6965