• Create a photos-wanted category for photo assignments
  • Flickr group for CantonWiki?

Reaching out

  • Something to hand out
  • Reach out to Young Professionals, Shop Canton
  • Brad will get in touch with George to talk to local business owners after he gets the semantic stuff worked out
  • Local history people
  • Contact Darrin Silvester, Salem teacher who has a lot of information about Canton history.
  1. Get high school students involved
  2. Consider oral histories?
  • Community groups
  • Wiki class led by Amy (last name?) and George (last name?)
  • Encourage more people to join the mailing list
  • Canton Flickr group
  1. Anne will follow up?

Content areas

  • Recreation areas - parks, disc golf, dog park, Lower Rouge Trail
  • Brad will work on adding semantic forms
  • Liberty Fest
  • Open questions?
  • For the future, George suggested:
  1. top 10 most popular pages
  2. featured pages
  3. other pages
  • Articles to focus on:
    • Ed Vielmetti recommended red links report
    • Identify what people are searching for?


  • We should have some
  • In the past, goals have included getting people to:
  1. edit an article
  2. create an account
  • Have all 19 parks listed
  • Get started listing public tennis courts
  • Have a Liberty Fest page
  • Try out a new homepage layout by May 1st