2014 Bike Implementation Plan

Project Purpose

The City of Chattanooga Transportation Department needs your local knowledge to help us prioritize what bike lanes, routes, and pathways get installed within the next 2-3 years. 


The Bike Implementation Plan will build from planning efforts such as the Transportation Department's ThinkBike Workshop and the TPO's  2010 Chattanooga Area Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and 2040 Regional Transportation Plan.  Over the past several years, new bike facility types have become widespread in cities. We want to know not just where Chattanoogans need better bike infrastructure, but also what that infrastructure looks like.

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Public Meetings


More than 20 people participated in a Bike Route Suggestion Sprint April 8th @ the Development Resource Center.  

Participants marked where they wanted bike lanes, paths, shared routes, and protected bike lanes in neighborhoods 

throughout Chattanooga. The maps will be digitized and reposted on the Bike Route Suggestion Sprint page.


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