Regardless of where you will find internet connection in the wonderful town of Chattanooga, whether it be the mountain campus of Covenant College or free wifi from a local restaurant, be assured you will be getting one of the fastest connections in the country. A couple years ago, Chattanooga made the daring move to invest in a 100% fiber network from EPB. With the Power of Fiber, Bandwidth is no longer an issue, like with other internet providers, giving the people of Chattanooga access to internet speed anywhere from 500Mb (Megabits) to 1 whole Gigabit per second!


Download Mbps

Verizon 4G 5-12
AT&T 4G 18.6
Comcast 13.13
Time Warner 12.5
Chattanooga Municipal Fiber 174

Wifi Speed Survey

This is a list of places in town that have live wifi speed surveys set up. Click on a link to find out just how fast the Internet is right now.

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