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Jason Denizac doesn't even go here

Aaron Gustafson adds stuff on occasion.

Brian Hooper is a workafrolic

Spencer Karges is a musician and web/graphic designer in St. Elmo

Curtis Lokey - Chattanooga Housing Authority, Finance

Anthony Blardo is a developer, and lover of Chattanooga.

Elizabeth Tallman is a community servant, explorer of the great outdoors & disco star

Elizabeth Hammitt is technology/ sustainability focused futurist. Chattanooga is the place to be for innovation and everything else, too. 

J.Ed. Marston - proud Chattanoogan and community promoter.

D. Brent Messer  is the Chief Information Officer for the City of Chattanooga.

Lawrence G. Miller - educational technologist, teacher, consultant

Tim Moreland

Alan Moss native Chattanoogan... ian... ean?

Jenny Park is a doer of things, wiki administrator, and Good Person. Contact her when the going gets tough.

Lori Quillen wiki administrator. Happy to help or talk about any time. 

Paul Smith adds stuff on occasion.

Matt Skudlarek loves Chattanooga, good coffee, volkswagens, and music. 

John Sweet local food, local business