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Does someone with the time and know-how want to put traffic photo enforcement locations on the map?  Here is the current list of locations, but it doesn't give exact addresses

Also is it possible to switch on/off layers or tags, so that only photo enforcement locations are visible, for instance?

Thanks!   -J

I think we should standardize the business template a little more.  Perhaps add in a 'social' section for all those links as most the hip new places only use those for advertising.  We might also try to solicit someone out there *cough* AaronGustafson *cough* to spruce this place up a bit w/ some CSS.  Granted the GUI interface does a hackish job of the underlying HTML, but it works and is easy for the layperson to use.   -aux



Working on a Forum if anyone is interested in helping me test it.

Right now its running on

I'm making some different sub forums right now. But any suggestions are welcome.

I'll be tweaking it throughout the week to make sure it is running correctly.

I'll also be looking for some moderators if anyone is interested.

Think of it as the St Elmo Mailing list but a bit more manageable.

Feel free to make an account and dive in. -Donald Sayers



Are we sure that this wiki should allow annonymous edits?

I know the goal of wikis is for public information and collaboration, and that this method works well.  I also know that sites like Wikipedia allows anonymous edits, but Wikipedia also has a large army of people (both employed by WikiMedia foundation and volunteers) to verify the information. For smaller wikis this presents as a problem because of smaller amount of people contributing and reviewing content. For smaller wikis it usually works out better to disallow anonymous edits, but requiring users to register also has its own vices. Requiring signups may deter some people from contributing to the wiki, but also reduce the amount of spam/malicious edits. -Adam Jimerson

I second this.  As a high school teacher, my first impulse upon discovering this was how fun it would be for a class project.  But then, I thought of the potential for vandalism, and I balked... -Simon Gooch

Admin Response: We brought this question up with the founder of local wiki last week.  She noted that requiring a login creates a bit of an entry barrier. Oaklandwiki has allowed anonymous edits and really hasn't experienced significant issues.  Especially in the beginning our priority is to make it as easy as possible for people to start contributing.  That being said, we're staying flexible on this in case we do encounter issues, but for now let's take the "see something, edit something" route. Because all changes are documented and can be reverted, people seeking to vandalize the wiki give up quickly. 

-Jenny Park


After my little edit-fest this evening, I realize that spamming the @chawiki twitter account could be a bit much on every change. What do y'all think? -alyawn

I would like to offer any of the images in this album to improve the front page header: Let me know and I'll be happy to provide full resolution non watermarked versions.