Wholesale Yoga Equipment in Charlotte, North Carolina


        Located right here in Charlotte, SunshineYoga.com is one the most competitively priced wholesale yoga suppliers in the U.S.


     Russ, the owner, started SunshineYoga.com with the goal of helping everyone gain access to affordable yoga equipment. A sales assistant for SunshineYoga.com stated, “many yoga equipment suppliers are selling a similar product but are overpricing it, making it hard for the everyday person to gain access to yoga equipment.” SunshineYoga.com is run with the purpose of making yoga equipment affordable and available to everyone.


       SunshineYoga.com has a variety of equipment, including: yoga mats, yoga blocks, authentic Mexican yoga blankets, and even therapeutic eye pillows. Besides selling at affordable prices, they offer coupons and discounts often.


      While SunshineYoga.com is locally owned in the greater Charlotte area, they prefer that orders be placed online


*Image from: https://openclipart.org/detail/18266/yoga