The American Islamic College is Muslim Educational Institution offering Bachelor and Master degree programs specialized in Islamic or Arabic Studies.

It's campus is located at 640 Irving Park at Lakeshore Drive just east of Wrigleyville.

The main building was designed by famous Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It remains a national historic site.

640 Irving Park was previously a convent, but when the management could no longer afford its maintenance, members of Chicago's Muslim Community stepped up and purchased the property sometime around 1982.

AIC was founded in 1981 or 1982 by, among others, Thomas Ballantyne Irving (T.B. Irving), who had translated The Qur'an into a version of American English, in addition to authoring about 80 books. T.B. Irving was a scholar of Spanish and Spanish history. Having taught at three different universities, he recognized the need for a Muslim College in the United States.

AIC became the First Muslim owned and operated Degree Granting institution in the Western World since the Spanish Inquisition began in 1492 in Spain.

In 2010, AIC essentially re-booted itself under new academic and organizational management.