"Governments fall, the map is rearranged, but Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe never stops responding to the call of the Jewish soul. Indeed, Jewish continuity is not an item on our agenda. It is our agenda." - F.R.E.E.

Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe (mostly known as F.R.E.E.) is a group that assists Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe (primarily from Russia) in resettling in the US. Founded in 1973, F.R.E.E. in Chicago is headquartered in the Western portion of Devon Avenue, in the historically Jewish part of Devon. If you ever wonder why there are many Russian Jews who live or have lived on Devon, F.R.E.E. is your answer.



F.R.E.E. is located at 2935 W. Devon Ave. There are a number of Jewish delis around F.R.E.E. - it's a node in the Jewish community in the area.