A trying first half of 2020 included spike in shootings and homicides in  Chicago – Chicago Tribune


Gun violence in Chicago

Gun violence in Chicago has been an ongoing issue for many years now. It has spread to all of the city like a pandemic and numbers are slowly decreasing but not enough.


Around spring time in the span of one month before the pandemic, there were around 198 shootings in the month of May. In 2020 it was 338 and in 2021 it was 321. This years it was 254.The numbers may be going down slightly however this is absurd for a one month span.


Stats show that majority of the gun violence comes from the rougher areas of the city. The areas not many people tend to take care of or care about. This causes the youth to be more prone to involve themselves in the same type of violence that they had grew up around. Another chart here shows more statistics of gun violence in Chicago. Chicago's gun violence crisis is also a mental health crisis | PBS NewsHour