Loyola Beach is a great beach in East Rogers Park on the North Side. The beach is in Loyola Park. You might also hear this beach referred to as Morse Beach, Pratt Beach, or Lunt Beach because you can enter it from each of those streets. But despite what people call it, its official name is indeed Loyola Beach.

Going to this beach is a lovely activity on a warm summer day and going here is a popular free outdoor activity for people who live in the Rogers Park area (and nearby areas). Here's a sweet blog post in devotion to the beach with lots of photos!

You can learn all about the history of this beach on its official page.

Getting there

The beach is located at 1230 W Greenleaf Ave. and is a very short walk from the Morse Red Line Station (if you want to go to the very southern-most part of the beach, that area is within walking distance of the Loyola Red Line Station).

CTA Bus Routes that have stops at the park:
96 Lunt
147 Outer Drive Express
155 Devon


News & External Links

Official site: http://www.cpdbeaches.com/beaches/loyola-beach/