Located on the west side of Chicago, North Lawndale is one of the 77 community areas of Chicago. This page serves to provide information on the unique resources available in the North Lawndale neighborhood. Some resources may be located outside of the neighborhood boundaries, but remain on this page because they serve the residents of North Lawndale.

Community Development Organizations

  • Homan Square: Started originally in 1995 as a foundation to oversee the redevelopment plan of Homan Square, the foundation serves as the "umbrella" organization for the Homan Campus institutions, including the Homan Square Community Center and Homan Square Power House. The campus includes the Charles H. Shaw Technology and Learning Center, which is also home to the Henry Ford Academy: Power House High, a public charter high school. A $40 million restoration and preservation effort led to the LEED Platinum certified building that now serves to house the high school. At the heart of the campus lies the Homan Square Community Center, a hub that serves as a recreation center as well as a health and family center.


Funding Organizations that Serve North Lawndale

  • Steans Family Foundation: The Steans Family Foundation focuses its grant making efforts in North Lawndale. The foundation states that it "grants time, money, and skills" in partnership with the residents and institutions to build and enhance the community. "The Foundation's work supports the idea that effective revitalization can occur within the embedded social and economic networks that create and sustain communities." -- Steans Family Foundation website, retrieved June 2014


Architectural/Historical Landmarks:

  • Sears Roebuck and Company Administration Building: Built between 1905 and  1914, this building served as the administrative headquarters for the largest mail order and merchandise company in the United States for over 60 years. In 1974, the company moved from this building to what was then the world's tallest building (then known as Sears Tower, and now known as Willis Tower).


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