What do you know about University of Chicago Library?

The University of Chicago Library is a large research library in Hyde Park serving the University of Chicago. The Library consists of six buildings which together hold 11.3 million volumes in print and electronic form. The Joseph Regenstein Library is the main hub of the University of Chicago Library, located on 57th street between Ellis Avenue and University Avenue. The Joe and Rika Mansueto Library is located next to the Regenstein Library. It is a state of the art underground book storage and retrieval facility with a study space on the ground floor. Students sometimes refer to the Regenstein and Mansueto libraries as "the Reg and the Egg" because of the Mansueto Library's unique dome shape. The John Crerar Library is the science-focused library and is located near the University of Chicago hospital. The D'Angelo Law Library serves the Law School and is located on 60th Street near the South Campus dormitories. The School of Social Service Administration Library is located inside the School of Social Service Administration and is on 60th Street between Burton-Judson dormitory and the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts. Finally, the Eckhart Library specializes in mathematics and is located in the Eckhart building on the main quadrangle. 

The Library's print collection served almost 13,000 unique individuals in 2015-2016 and the Library reports 1.2 million visits to the Regenstein library in the same year. The Library collaborates with outside organizations though interlibrary loan and digital preservation projects such as Google Books and HathiTrust.