What do you know about Calandra Center for Health and Wellness?

Calandra Center for Health and Wellness (CCHW), formerly Calandra Acupuncture Chicago is an acupuncture clinic and wellness center in Chicago, Illinois. It is a cooperative (co-op) business society offering a variety of therapies, classes, and workshops on natural healing and alternative treatments. They offer services including acupuncture, NAET allergy elimination, Reiki, traditional Chinese medicine, herbology, and energy healing methods. Reiki classes, Tai Chi classes, Mindfulness classes are also available.

The practitioners and teachers at Calandra Center for Health and Wellness strive to empower the general public with the knowledge and tools to be proactive about one's own health while collaborating with the Western Medical community to provide a fully integrative medical experience. Thus creating a safe space to heal the mind, body, and soul.

Calandra Center for Health and Wellness

47 W. Polk St. Suite M-5

Chicago, Illinois 60605

(312) 796-3965