Main Street entrance of 33 Steaks, Booze & Jazz

305 Main Street
on the Main Street Strip next to the Crazy Horse
Please fill in hours
(530) 893-1903
Tyler Cooke

33 Steak Booze and Jazz is a restaurant, bar, and musical venue specializing in fine dining (in August they added sushi to their menu) and jazz. It is located on the Main Street Strip in the Auditorium Building in the former location of Gina Marie's. Thursday night features dueling pianos. So long as they know the song, they'll play whatever you request! The restaurant underwent an expansion and opened it up in late July or early August 2008. The expansion appears to have a sports-bar atmosphere with a very large projection screen at the rear. It has its own entrance.

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2009-05-06 13:41:42   Some friends and I ate there and the food was just ok and priced too high. I've had much better for a lot less. I can tell what they are trying to do but haven't quite got it yet. The addition of the sports-bar is really nice and great for drinks. —

2009-05-12 20:31:45   The food is way over priced and not very good quality. I've had a better steak at chain restaurants for about half as much. The atmosphere is tacky and the drinks are too sweet and also over priced. Go somewhere else! —

2009-11-20 15:08:24   Dueling pianos is no more. This place is going down hill. They have opened up a bar adjacent to the restaurant. Now the place sounds more like a pool hall than a restaurant. —

2009-12-09 21:29:21   What the heck happened to this place. Terrible service, crappy food, rude manager, and it looks like crap. Used to be a nice place to eat. Now it is trashy at best —

2010-02-19 13:11:02   save your money, place is crap, rude owner, bad food, overpriced —

2012-06-02 16:23:45   And, it's closed. —