7th Street Manor after 2007/2008 exterior remodel

1043 W. 7th St.
Property Management
MWS Properties
(530) 345-6870
• Wall AC
• Miniblinds
• Gas Heat
• Ceiling Fans
• Cable Access
• DSL Access
• Rear Yards on First Floor
• On-site Laundry Rooms

7th Street Manor Apartments is an apartment complex in the South Campus Neighborhood. There are one and two bedroom apartments available. One bedroom apartments have three closets in the bedroom, a dining area, kitchen, and cable in the living room. Phone jacks are available in the dining area and bedroom; DSL does work when enabled by the phone company. The kitchen includes an oven and stove, a large basin sink, refrigerator, and moderate cupboard space. The bathroom has a medicine cabinet with space under the sink to store various things. AC is available using a wall unit placed in the bedrooms while ceiling fans are installed in the dining areas and bedrooms. Most lease terms begin in June, July and August. No pets are allowed that are larger than a rabbit. The landlord pays for water, sewage and garbage. 1 bedroom apartments as of July 2008 cost $625 per month (up from $570 in 2006), while 2 bedroom apartments cost $775 (up from $740 in 2006). Rent is subject to change.

Close-up of exterior. Notice new windows, fixtures, and paint. Between November 2007 and May 2008, the complex underwent "renovations". Where the windows used to be single paned and could not breathe during the winter, the replacement windows are double paned (filled with argon gas), have UV reflective coating, and can breathe. 7th Street also received new entry doors and a paint job. Some minor landscaping was also accomplished.

The apartment complex is located 10 minutes walk from Downtown Chico and CSU Chico. It is one block away from a major train route and two blocks away from Amtrak. Furthermore, the apartment is conveniently located just off of California State Route 32, or Walnut Street, or further west it becomes known as Nord.

1 Bedroom Apartment 7th Street Manor before 2007/2008 exterior remodel


2009-08-01 15:56:33   A very professionally managed complex. I lived here for three years and never had a problem with maintenance or management. In fact, management has always been terrific since they live on site and *have* to care about what's going on. I really have absolutely nothing bad to say. Location couldn't be better though being near the train tracks and highway 32 takes a little getting used to. Butte College bus stop is only a few blocks away at the ABC Market. Highly recommended for quieter students or those that don't mind partying elsewhere since kegs and such are strictly not allowed on this property (thank goodness). —RyanMikulovsky