Residence of Augustus Chapman (MLSC)

256 East 12th Street
Property Owner
Michele Shover
Cleveland Walker

The A.H. Chapman House (also called the Little Chapman Mansion) is a historic house located at 256 East 12th Street. ln its 1871 remodel the changes to the 1859 ranch house were in the Gothic Revival style with Eastlake effects. It is the former home of Augustus and Sarah Chapman. Currently it is the private residence of Michele Shover, retired political science professor and local historian and her late husband  American History professor Don Lillibridge. Architect Cleaveland Walker, who specialized in these styles, was a visitor in residence at Chico through the months in 1870 that the remodel took place. The added front and expanded original attic floor structurally resemble Walker's "German Cottage."

It was listed among the "Historic Places" on National Register of Historic Places on January 28, 1982 with the ID number 82002170. Gus and Sarah Chapman remodeled this house from a ranch house built on piers left unfinished by a young judge. Its location in sight if the 14 room home the Chapmans built in 1877 led the smaller home to be called the "Little Chapman Mansion." The upper photo is the Little Chapman Mansion. The lower photo is that of the real mansion the Chapmans built in 1877.

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